This site is the blog of six different schools in six countries and their joint Erasmus+-project called OUR RIGHTS, ALRIGHT?!. The project started in autumn 2018 and will go on until spring 2020. The participating schools with pupils aged 13-16 come from Cyprus, Finland, Germany, Italy, Poland and Portugal. The focus of the project is on human rights; in the dignity and worth of people, especially children.

Our two-year plan for the project is outlined as follows:

OUR RIGHTS, ALRIGHT?! is a project based on the belief in fundamental freedoms which are the foundation of justice and peace in the world. These fundamental freedoms are best maintained on one hand by an effective political democracy and on the other hand by a profound understanding of human rights. We as Europeans have a common heritage of traditions, ideals, freedoms and the rule of law. By working on the topic of human rights and its aspects, we will be able to promote our students’ empowerment, participation and active citizenship. During the two-year project the students will acquire knowledge on the following six key topics:

1) Fundamental rights as mentioned in the different charters (ECR, UDHR, CRC)

2) My personal rights as a European citizen

3) The right to education

4) Violation of children’s rights, discrimination

5) Children’s rights and duties around the world

6) Promoting children’s rights: human rights activism and the role of NGOs

The six participating schools will be supported by the school communities as well as by  policymakers on European, local and national level, by NGO activists and by other human rights organizations. With our project OUR RIGHTS, ALRIGHT?! we would like to increase the European dimension of our schools and raise awareness about our rights as EU citizens, especially from a perspective of children’s rights. Every school will also host a charity action event and collect money which will be donated to an organization that promotes human rights.

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